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About Us

Lynn Moffett - Owner

As a child, one of my fondest memories was a regular Sunday family visit to Gershon’s - a popular and longstanding deli in my area. On walking in the door, I vividly remember the amazing melded smells of pickles, pastrami, roast beef and sauerkraut.  I loved listening to the noise of the slicer, the manual cash register and the banter of the staff and regular customers.  There was perpetual steam on the windows a bi-product of the humidity produced from good cooking and conversation. 

My entire family loved Gershon’s, but most of all my father and me.  We would talk about owning a deli and sharing our hearts through sandwiches.  My dad is no longer with us yet, through Checker, I am fulfilling that dream of sharing love with the community through food.  He’s never far away.  The Liberty sandwich was his favorite combination.  In fact, all of our specialty sandwiches at Checker are named after special people in my life. When you come in, check out the initials listed after the sandwich names.   Feel free to ask me about them, and let us share our love through food!

I am a prior homeowner in Novato and now reside in San Rafael.  I moved to California from the East Coast in 2000 and I am a 19-year resident of Marin County.

Angelica Robledo - General Manager

Born in McCallen Texas and raised by my father and stepmother, I aspired to emulate my parents strong work-ethic and commitment to impact other’s lives for good. Learning to cook while watching and helping my stepmom make delicious ethnic food was my first exposure to food preparation.  I now have over 10-years’ experience in the restaurant industry, first as a waitress, then transitioning in 2014 into working in and leadership/management of delis. I am Safe Food Handler Certified and have my Food Protection Manager Certification.

I’ve been a resident of Novato for the last 10 years. I’m a single mother who places high focus on raising my children with the same values as those I was raised with.  Additionally, I have a truly supportive partner who is both a mentor and cheerleader throughout my career.

I do what I love and love what I do!

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